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Airtour & Attractions in Eilat

Eilat bay is part of the Great Rift Valley formed 35 million years ago the beauty of the mountains the life in the sea the coral reefs and the unique view of 4 different countries Israel, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia and Egypt all and more is visible from the skies we offer variety of flight's and attractions over the sky of Eilat come and fly with us. 

Tandem Skydiving over the spectacular view of Eilat's Bay and the Red Sea.

 We are located at the Costal Town of Eilat at the Red sea Valley where summer is eternal and the skies are blue.

Skydive 4 countries, is the only one in the world with the view of 4 countries Israel, Jorden, Saudi-Arabia and Egypt and 2 continents. You can see the beautiful beaches the coral reef's the vast desert and the amazing Edom and Eilat mountains.

Our adventure tourism attraction's offers tandem skydiving and Scenic Flight's! we start all of our aerial attraction's from Eilat's International Airport 7 day's a week all year.

The amazing
weather of Eilat
4 countries skydive
Camel ranch
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Freedom in the sky
Scuba Diving
Sunset skydive
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Dolphin reef
Dolphin reef

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